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Access to finance for farmers – Zambia

Client: GIZ (German Development Corporation) Location: Zambia Goal: Access to Finance Produce: Cotton, groundnuts, soybeans, dairy 1. The Challenge: Access to Finance for Farmers Like elsewhere in Africa, Zambian farmers are in need of finance in order to modernize agriculture. Funds to access improved seed, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides, irrigation equipment and mechanization services. However,…

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Mango Supply Chain Strategy – Senegal

Mango production Mango pulp and juice Supply chain development Agro-processing 1. The Challenge: How to source more mango for a juice & pulping plant in Senegal Agrofruits is a new mango pulping factory, owned by Kiren, a Senegalese company bottling a range of drinks under the CocaCola license as well as its own brands. The…

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Developing the Mango Processing Industry – West Africa

Produce: Mango Location: Mali, Burkina Faso Agri processing, Market Research 1. The Challenge: How to develop the mango processing industry in West Africa Mali and Burkina Faso are full of delicious mango’s, which cannot be exported fresh. Processing is thus a logical step to create employment in some of the world’s poorest countries. Over the…

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Selecting value chains for a new economic development program – Mali

Client: Embassy of the Netherlands in Mali/Ministry of foreign affairs of the Netherlands Location: Mali Goal: Value Chain Analysis Produce: Onion & Shallots, Livestock & Feed 1. Introduction The embassy of the Netherlands in Mali has a long track record of funding and managing development programs in Mali. For a new long term economic development…

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Value Chain Analyses training – Mozambique

Client: School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Eduardo Mondlane University 1. Introduction The School for Business and Entrepreneurship (ESNEC) is a new faculty of the largest and oldest University in Mozambique. Eduardo Mondlane University. Their mission is to provide a university education with practical experience that educates students according to the needs of the labor market.…

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The Peanut Industry – Africa

1. The problem: Peanuts in Africa, a sector in decline Small scale farmers across Africa have farmed peanuts as a staple and cash crop for decades. Because of their good flavor African peanuts made up a significant part of world peanut trade until the 1970s. However, because of growing concerns over aflatoxin (which is believed…

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