Meet the Team

The Team

Our team consists of economists, researchers and agronomists who benefits from practical experience in business, agriculture, marketing and consulting. This unique combination of characteristics and skills, enable all Sense consultants to provide practical insights and workable solutions to development and business challenges.


Michiel Arnoldus

Managing Director and Lead Economist

The managing director, Michiel Arnoldus, has over 18 years of experience in business and development, in Africa and Europe. Being both African and European he has a passion for African development and can connect the two worlds.


Kerry Kyd

Director: Operations

Kerry has over 15 years of Brand, Marketing and Business Strategy experience in South Africa and in Europe. As a brand consultant, she worked for some of the world’s biggest brands. Kerry's private sector expertise, understanding of business, marketing and research helps us to help crack many strategic business, sector and investment challenges. She leads market studies and investment promotion efforts and has experience in a number of sectors from fruit to forestry.


Kundai Chibarabada

Finance Manager

Kundai Chibarabada is an accountant and financial advisor with over 15 years of experience. She holds both a Bachelor of Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration as well as membership in the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.  She is passionate about numbers, system implementation and always seeking continuous improvement.  She loves travelling, adventures, and debtors who pay on time.

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Patrice Mirindi

Senior Consultant Agronomy and Agribusiness

Patrice Mirindi is an agronomist and agricultural economist consultant with over seven years of experience in project management, research, food system analysis, socio-economic policy analysis and consulting. He has a Master of Science in Agricultural Applied Economics.

Patrice is always keen to be part of competitive and dynamic projects positively contributing to community development issues.

Regis Gnonlonfoun

Regis Gnonlonfoun

Development Consultant Agribusiness Management

Regis has over eight years of experience in the agriculture and food value chain. He brings expertise in developing new business opportunities and strategic partnerships in the agribusiness sector.
An experienced project manager in market research, business modelling, and coaching for clients across various segments and regions, such as fish farming, agtech, and commodities trading. Regis is passionate about capturing value in the agricultural landscape, while fostering sustainability and social impact.

Tessa Niemack

Tessa Niemack

Senior Consultant

Tessa is a marketing specialist who brings analytical skills and global marketing experience to the team. As an accomplished project manager, Tessa has managed complex international projects and has innovation and commercialisation experience in Africa, Asia & the Middle East.


Kireshni Naiker

Development Consultant Animal Science

Kireshni studied animal and poultry science in KwaZulu Natal before pursuing her passion for cattle by working on dairy farms in Australia and South Africa. Her practical farm skills which include artificial insemination of cattle and tractor driving, are used to inform business plan development. 

Kireshni's experience in animal health care, along with her special interest in commercial dairy, poultry and animal feed agribusiness, make her an asset to the team. 


Daphne Mukeredzi

Project Finance Specialist

Daphne has over 15 years of experience working in a variety of sectors and holds a BBA in Finance. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Finance, Banking, and Investment Management. Daphne has a passion for project financing and works as a project finance specialist.

Rosanne Jackson

Learning Specialist

Rosanne is an experienced and passionate learning and instructional designer. Her role at Sense includes innovation for adult learning, where Roseanne is applying her special interest in the educational technology space.

Chantal Hammer

Learning Specialist

Chantal is passionate about teaching and learning, with an interest in exploring online education. Chantal brings over 20 years of experience in education to her role of working with diverse adults and companies and a range of interesting topics to make their businesses successful and sustainable.

Niresh Sewpursad

Senior Accountant

Roschelle Kyd

Marketing and Digital Media

Jabu Gcabashe

Housekeeping and Admin