News Timeline

  • December 2020

    New Project in Burkina Faso

    The Embassy of the Netherlands in Burkina Faso awarded Advance Consulting, together with project partners Sense, Agrodev, Timini, and Afrique Verte to lead a consortium to implement Burkina Dry-More; a three-year project (2020-2023) that aims to build a resilient agro-processing sector in Burkina Faso; providing improved revenue and climate resilience to smallholder farmers and sustainable employment to youth and women.

    The project will focus on the Sahel, Northern, and Cascade regions.

    For more information on this new project, see here.

  • December 2020

    Rice Sector Roundtable

    Sense participated in a Rice Sector Roundtable for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture Ghana & IFC. Several established Mills and interested stakeholders in the sector participated. During the session, we explored the business case for a rice paddy out-grower scheme in Ghana.

    There are many important practical considerations when designing a successful program. So we observed practical lessons from rice out-grower programs across Africa.

  • December 2020

    Digital Africa Business Days

    On 15 December Sense participated in the Digital Africa Business Days. Organized by NABC, the Dutch government, and members of the Africa Coalition, this 2-day virtual event focused on "Moving Forwards Together”, countering the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and finding innovative solutions to challenges in agriculture, water, energy, healthcare, and circular economy.

    We gave our presentation, and had a discussion afterwards with a distinguished panel. The presentation topic: "Senegal - THE next hotspot for African agri-business?"

    Click here to watch the morning session of the Liveshow
    Click here to watch the afternoon session of the Liveshow

  • January 2020

    Project Hortifresh Sourcing Mission

    Developing Fact sheets for BioFach and SA filed a visit to Hoedspruit.

  • November 2019

    Project Hortifresh Sourcing Mission

    Key Fact sheets to better understand the sourcing opportunities in Ivory Coast.

  • October 2019


    Infield interviewing investors in the Mozambican market to sharpen our knowledge of FDI, investment climate and investment promotion.

  • August 2019

    GiZ Mango Roundtable

    Sharing pamphlet on tackling BBS in the mango sector at the Mango Round table Event.

  • August 2019

    Ghana Invest Kicks Off

    In field assessing investment opportunities in Ghana.

  • November 2018

    IFU Juice Conference

    Sharing insights on the Africa Juice Market.

  • November 2018

    IFC Processed Fruit Study

    Market study over the summer to better understand the processed fruit markets in EU, US & Gulf states.

  • July 2016


    Our team left to Benin for their field study on rice and cashews, and with new contracts rapidly materializing this is only the first field study in a busy series that will include Mozambique, Zambia, Rwanda, and Nagaland in the north-east of India as upcoming destinations.

  • June 2016

    A Detailed Economic Analysis

    Sense has been contracted by the GiZ to perform a detailed economic analysis of processing, trade and farming business models in the cashew and rice value chains in Benin, and develop new financial products with local banks.

  • May 2016

    Burkina Faso

    Sense finished the development of a business plan and business model for SODEPAL, a baby cereal factory in Burkina Faso, and started the process of looking for investors. Read the case here.

  • April 2016

    Tropenbos in Ghana

    Sense completed a business development training program for Dutch NGO Tropenbos in Ghana. After two on-site business plan development workshops in Sunyani, Sense assisted three different emerging wood-processing companies in producing business plans for finance: MB-GEJJ Charcoal, RABwood Timber, and a timber plantation for sustainable wood sourcing. Read the case here.

  • March 2016

    Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso

    Our team leader traveled to Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso to work with local consultants and entrepreneurs on various projects. Sense is helping the Dutch Embassy in Accra with the study of the tropical fruit value chain in the Ivory Coast, focusing on export opportunities for bananas, mangoes, and pineapples. In Burkina Faso, Sense was contracted by USAID for business development and finance facilitation for a baby cereal factory and a new shea butter factory.

  • March 2016

    South and West Africa

    With a busy start to the year, Sense reported back with recommendations to the GiZ on the economic feasibility of peanut processing in South and West Africa. Click here for a summary and here for the full report.

  • February 2016

    Barry Clausen

    A new colleague has joined us in the office. A warm welcome to our agronomist Barry Clausen. Barry will bring another layer of expertise in agri-development and agri-processing to Sense's offering.

  • January 2016

    Tanga Fresh Dairy

    A team of 5 people has started market research into the milk market in Tanzania for Tanga Fresh Dairy. This is part of a larger project to develop a business plan and business model for the expansion of the Tanga factory, managed by Sense. This project is funded by the African Development Bank.

  • November 2014

    Development in Kenya

    Sense is being contracted by GiZ to assist in the Development of the Potato Industry in Kenya. Our market researchers will analyze the market for potato snacks and frozen chips in Kenya, perform an economic analysis of 5 processors and will identify strategies to finance mechanization of potato farming and processing.

  • October 2014


    Our market researcher traveled to Ecuador to present the results of the Pro-EcuadorCBI funded study into The German Chocolate Market. Over 60 participants listened to the possibilities for chocolate and cocoa exporters in the German market.

  • September 2014

    Tropenbos International

    We have completed the second Trainer of Trainers workshop for Business Plan Development in Ghana for Tropenbos International. The business plans for small scale timber mills, agro-forestry plantations and professional charcoal producers in Ghana are nearing completion.  The results of our first economic analyses of the profitability of Small Timber Mills is available here.

  • July 2014

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands

    Sense has completed a very interesting study of the Chocolate Market in Germany for the Center of Export Promotions from Developing Countries (CBI), part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands.

  • May 2014

    Sustainable Forestry Program in Ghana

    Sense has been contracted by Tropenbos International to develop and give a Business Plans Development workshop for small scale timber mills, agro-forestry plantations and professional charcoal producers in Ghana. The work is part of their sustainable forestry program.

  • October 2013

    The World Bank

    Sense signed a new contract with the World Bank for development support of the fruit processing industry in Mali and Burkina Faso for 2013/2014. Sense will work on:

    • The development of fruit drying technology
    • Diversification into other fruits
    • Production& marketing of fruit bars from by-products of fruit drying
    • Development of a quality label/ brand for dried fruits from Mali and Burkina Faso for the EU market