The Global & Africa juice market-3

Africans are increasingly interested in drinking juices, especially when they can enjoy a drink on special occasions. A clever approach to this opportunity promises lucrative returns for bottlers. But, it also requires players in the sector to squeeze through a few bottlenecks that are holding back growth.

What are the juice bottlenecks

  • Economies of scale are crucial to affordability & profitable production. But, African juice markets are small.
  • Fruit production is seasonal, but juice drinkers want all year supply.
  • Concentration and mass market offers to keep costs low & product more affordable. But new flavours are needed to drive interest in the category
What is this roundtable about?

In this Virtual Juice Roundtable, we will explore these challenges as well as some innovative concepts that could provide inspiration for the future. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • The global juice market & Africa’s place in it.
  • What African consumers want- lessons from Ghana.
  • Flavour and Distribution Channel Innovation- inspiration from innovation concepts. developed in ComCashew’s cashew apple juice project.
Who can participate?

To facilitate quality discussions, the guest list is limited to a few interested bottlers in West Africa. It’s hosted by GIZ’s ComCashew Program and will include insights drawn from 2 studies. The first, completed for IFC World Bank, explores global juice trends. The second dove into the economics of juice production and bottling and included consumer focus groups and taste panels in Ghana as well as benchmarking in Brazil & India.


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