In-House Designer / Content Creator

Sense is a dynamic economic development consultancy working to solve the gritty development challenges faced by agri-business in Africa. The accelerating shift from aid to trade in global policy means that we’re on the cutting edge of development thinking. As a result we work with an increasing number of major donors in the development sector. Some of our clients are The World Bank-IFC, GiZ (German Development Corporation), The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  CBI, USAID, etc.

Each year we tackle surprising challenges in a wide number of food supply chains such as fruits, nuts, livestock & dairy, cereals and forestry. Our projects vary from developing strategies for development programs, to investment facilitation, sector development, business coaching, access to finance and value chain studies. Honestly, the variety of assignments, clients and value chains we work in continues to grow.

We’re known for sharp thinking, fact based insights, practical solutions and getting things done. So a Sense consultant is curious, inventive, has grit and is …well likeable. This is ultimately about people after all.

The job?

In this role you convert the compelling content we have in to interesting snippets for sharing with clients and project partners. In a sense this is largely an internal communication and project support role (infographics, powerpoint design) . There is a need for social media posts such as on LinkedIn, or content creation for our websites and in newsletters. You will work alongside an experienced brand and marketing strategist & the Sense team of consultants to get this done.

  • PowerPoint:We deliver quality PowerPoint and MS word documents to clients. You will be responsible for polishing PowerPoint layouts and visualisation on the most important documents.  For example presentations for Roundtable events, powerpoint presentations for client reporting, documents that will be published online by our clients. This includes creating simple infographics where these are needed.
  • Content plan creation: Social Posts are infrequent, but we have some really engaging content, photographs and lessons to share. You will work alongside senior team members to create a doable, simple content plan & work plan for the business and for projects. Your design skills will be used to create “static” posts, animated posts, simple video, blog posts on our website, etc.
  • Event material development:You will develop branded material for events and arrange for printing, collection/delivery of material etc. This includes banners, tent cards, etc.
  • Client content development: From time to time we develop content for businesses we are coaching, or for trade missions. This requires us to design business profiles, stickers, etc.
  • Project management:You will coordinate content creation & manage the implementation of the content plan and design workplace from week to week. This includes following up with the team so that copy can be delivered & arranging translations.
  • Travel: From time to time national or international travel will be required for projects.

What this job is not: 

  • You are not a community manager. We don’t expect loads of engagement on posts. That’s not really our game.
  • This is not the design Oscars. We are looking for clever, simple, yet impactful design that can be executed well. We do appreciate learning and experimenting, but most importantly we bring professional design to the field of development.
  • You are not a copywriter. You might need to kick the team to action getting this ready. And you can work with our team or even an editor to get this copy polished and ready for your graphics.
  • You are not a 1-stop shop: Where specific suppliers are required, or where this is the best choice for budget, time or quality, then let’s outsource. We have a database of reliable experts. Your job is to identify when this is genuinely needed & to use your design-eye to help us get that done skillfully.

Required Skills

  • Fluent in standard graphic design packages (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign).
  • Good eye for professional design.
  • Able to use PowerPoint and are willing to learn more.
  • Independent worker with good project management skills.
  • Good communication skills- you are able to express what you need, what’s working, etc.
  • Learning agility & flexibility. We are a learning organisation. Let’s learn together.
  • A gift for simplifying and focus- let’s be honest. This isn’t Warner Brothers.
  • Photography skills are welcome, but are not essential.
  • Experience in content creation (image based) for web/ social media.
  • French speaking, reading & writing is a definite advantage.

Flexible working, some remote work and reduced hour contracts can be negotiated, but this is a Durban-based role.

Employment Type