Economic sense

Economic Sense

“Developing the right development strategy is all about understanding the economic and social reality, and making clear choices. The key question here is “what makes economic sense?” Which actors should we support to produce what which kind of products for which markets?”


NGOs, donors, embassies and other development organisations


_MG_0831SENSE helps you to select the most promising value chains, sectors, and actors for your development program, and develop a basic development strategy with the main interventions necessary.


A simple 3 phase strategy works best:

1. Quick scan & selection:

  • Determine selection criteria for value chains and/ or areas
     (demand, size, growth, employment, small farmers, competitive advantage etc.)
  • untitled-6Interviews with local and international experts from public and private sector and development organisations
  • Analyses of existing data and reports
  • Ranking of Value Chains and/ or areas along criteria
  • Choice of 3-5 most promising chains/ areas 

2.  In-depth analyses of selected value chains/ areas:

  • Identification of key developmental issues in each chain/ area (through interviews with actors at each level of the value chain, including consumers, and experts)
  • Benchmarking (comparison of costs & margins, efficiency, scale, products, labour levels,
    power dynamics, development strategies etc. across similar value chains in other countries)20101006-untitled-9-3
  • Report writing ( a concise description of each chains, issues and opportunities,
    development strategy & proposed interventions)

 3. Final selection & validation:

  • Presentation & discussion of the report with representatives of all economic actors in the value chain, public sector and development organisations
  • Adaptation & finalising the report

What can we deliver:

Picture 537A clear development strategy based on rational and logical choices, that allows you organisation to focus its efforts in those areas where most impact can be obtained.

Our speciality

  • Engaging with businesses to get the business perspective and their involvement for the next phase
  • Market research, in particular consumer research
  • Finding the real issues and opportunities in each value chain
  • Making clear choices and providing you with the logic that helps you defend your choices

Case Studies

Value chain selection for the Dutch embassy in Mali