Common Sense

Common Sense

“Real life assignments are the best way of bringing theory into practise. The best way to learn what value chain analyses is, is to do one yourself”.


Development professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs, farmer organisations, Impact investment funds, NGOs, businesses, universities & business schools


SENSE develops and delivers short practical training modules to  improve the on the job effectiveness of people working in the development field. (Typically 2 days – several weeks)


Pulse Check:

We review your current training needs

_MG_1483Training development

  • Development of a program
  • Development of theoretical and practical modules with practical exercises
  • Collection of relevant case studies to illustrate the theory
  • Design of “live action-learning cases” that the participants will work through during the training


  • Deliver the training
  • Coach participants through the live action case
  • Identify knowledge gapsIMG_9857

Post Training Coaching (where agreed):

  • Coaching for individuals and organisations through their own on-the-job challenges

What can we deliver:

Tailor made practical training that is directly applicable on the job


We use our understanding of “adult learning techniques” to design interactive, practical courses that combine theory and practical experience.

Case Studies

Value Chain Analysis Training for the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique