Investment Fund Strategy

Business Sense

“Most impact investors have the same challenges:

  • Where and how can I find good investments?
  • How can I cover the evaluation costs for all these investment opportunities from these small investments?
  • Where do I find the time & money to support the businesses I have invested in?”


New & existing Impact Investment funds


Sense helps investment funds to develop their investment strategy: where to invest, how to find investments, and how to screen and select investments (Pipeline management)


2006019-2Pulse Check to asses vision of management:

  • Review current vision, strategies & performance
  • Stakeholders interviews
  • Review of current pipeline management strategy

Market Review:

  • Analyses of key developments in the desired sectors & countries


  • Investment issues and opportunities
  • Proposed pipeline management strategy
  • Financial analyses: Operating cost vs expected revenues
  • Gap analyses: fund ambitions vs what is possible & wise


  • Working Session with key stakeholders to finalize vision, internalise analyses & recommendations and to finalise the fund strategy

 What can we deliver:

  • A co-created, yet robust strategy
  • Tried and trusted business strategy development tools and techniques
  • A deep understanding of the complex issue of investing in SMEs in developing economies for social and environmental impact