Investment Due Diligence

Business Sense

“If a business plan sounds to good to be true, it probably is. In 90% of  afro-processing business plans either raw material supply or demand are over estimated.”


“As an investor you need to know who you are dealing with: a serious entrepreneur, an opportunist who is specialised in development aid, gifts & subsidies or an idealistic dreamer”


080Impact Investment Funds and Business Angels who are interested in investing in SMEs in the agricultural sector in developing countries.


Sense helps impact investment funds to select and analyse investment opportunities (due diligence).


  • Discussion of the selection criteria
  • Rating the business according to the chosen criteria, using:
    • Review of the business plan
    • Investment Sense IndicatorAssessment of the background, capacity, skills & commitment of
      the entrepreneur
    • Site visits to the factory, suppliers/ farmers, markets etc.
    • Interviews with all major actors in the value chain including important buyers, traders, service providers
    • Thorough analyses of the market
    • Assessment of the current financial situation of the business and other financiers and banks
  • Rating of the investment opportunity using the INVESTMENT SENSE INDICATOR™
  • Investment advise: yes or no, and if yes under which conditions

What can we deliver:

  • A clear investment advice based on a thorough analyses of the investment opportunity
  • Recommendations for strengthening the business: what needs to change to create more impact and profit and lower risks (i.e. adding a financial director to the management team, focusing on different markets)