Entrepreneur Financing & Business Plan Development

Business Sense

“The process of business plan development is as important as the end-result. It forces the entrepreneur to gather information in a systematic way, to make strategic choices and helps to set realistic goals and targets. The task of the advisor is to help the entrepreneur do this, and make strategic choices that make sense.”


  • Small and medium sized businesses in need for medium term loans (3-7 years), equity or mezzanine capital
  • Impact investment funds who need to improve the business plan for a proposed investment
  • Development organisations who help entrepreneurs access structural finance


Support to entrepreneurs with feasibility studies, business plan development, finding investors, negotiations with investors & structuring of the investment


Quick scan of the business and finance need

With our experience we can tell you if there the business is likely to obtain the capital needed, or which changes in the business model & strategy are needed to become eligible.

exposition-15Project planning

Together we agree on a work plan and a realistic time-line, based on the information that needs to be gathered to complete the business plan and the available resources

Feasibility study (for start-ups):

For start-up businesses we advice to do a feasibility study before writing a full business plan. We look at four aspects:

  • Can we sell it? Is there a real demand, and can we compete?
  • Can we make it?  is there a stable supply of raw material, can we
    manage the processing and consistently deliver the quality the
    customer demands.
  • 265Does it make sense to make it? A detailed cost price per unit of product needs to show a healthy margin 
  • What are the risks? What happens if sales prices decrease, costs increase or the season is shorter?

Business plan development

Together with the entrepreneur, potential investors and other stakeholders we gather information, make decisions and start writing. A good business plan has the following chapters:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • _MG_1056The Market
  • Marketing Plan 
  • Sourcing strategy for raw material
  • Operational Plan (Production process, Technology & Equipment, Expansion Plan, Staff)
  • Management & Investors
  • Financial Plan (Profit & loss, CAPEX, Sources of Capital, Cash flow, Balance sheet, Break even point, Return On Investment etc.)
  • Social & Environmental Impact
  • Risk Analyses

Obtaining finance

We can introduce your business with the right investors, and help you prepare presentations. We can also support you during negotiations and the financial structuring of your business (choosing how much capital to raise in the form of short term working capital loans, medium term loans and equity).

_MG_1063-2What we can deliver:

  • High quality business plans that are taken serious by potential investors
  • A network of potential investors


Agro-processing business in Africa, building business models and impact investment funds