Business Sense

Business Sense

“Sometimes it makes more sense to help a really talented entrepreneur to set-up a business that employs 200 people, then to try to make entrepreneurs out of 200 people who actually just want a job”


We don’t just work with development organisations, but also directly with businesses. Businesses who create jobs and offer opportunities to small farmers and local businesses.

Like any business in the world, SMEs in developing countries need structural investment capital to grow their business. Their challenge is that they are too big for NGO grants, too small for institutional investors and too risky for local banks.

_MG_0914Fortunately there are many so called impact investment funds that do finance these SMEs. SENSE links entrepreneurs and these funds together. We offer 3 services:

Entrepreneur Financing & Business Plan Development 

Helping small and medium size business obtain investment capital. Read more

Due Diligence for (Impact) Investment Funds

_MG_0553Quick assessment  of the profitability & social & environmental impact of a business, and the ROI and risk of the investment. Read more

Investment Fund Strategy

Advising investment funds on their  investment strategy. Read more

Case studies:

Developing a guide to impact investing for GIZ