What to Expect


“We’re not out to tell people what to do. Our role is to help them make informed & conscious choices . That means having the facts & knowing the consequences”

Consultants who work for and with Sense have a number of things in common:

1. They have a passion for development in Africa

2. They understand business and development

3. They are able to work with multinationals, African and Western SMEs,informal traders, small farmers governments, NGOs etc.

4. They do not believe in giving things away for free

5. They have a natural distrust when they hear stereotypical answers and solutions such as ‘lets cut out the traders’

6. They understand that each actor in the value chain needs a strong economic incentive to go along with the development plan

7. They like to dig deep to get to the root issues and offer new insights

8. They like thinking different, and looking at a problem from different angles

9. They want to transfer skills to local people

10. They believe in sharing information and knowledge, and working together

11. They value adult relationships- face the facts & make the hard choices as partners