Making Sense of Development 

Thoughtful Analysis

Sensible Solutions

Economic Sense is an Economic Development Consultancy that finds sensible solutions to development challenges.  

We specialise in value chain analysis, development program design, access to finance and business coaching & support. We also introduce new technologies and business models in farming and agri-processing.

At Sense we pride ourselves in translating best practises from the private sector to the reality of farmers and entrepreneurs in Africa and other developing countries.

Our diverse backgrounds help us to understand consumers & retailers, exporters & importers, processors and farmers around the world.

It’s why we’re able to reliably deliver informed, practical solutions that just make sense.

West, East & Southern Africa, Asia & Latin America  

Most of our consultants speak English and French, while some also speak Portuguese. This allows us to work across Africa. At times we’ve also worked in India and South America.

We’ve developed a network of skilled local consultants across Sub-Saharan Africa. This enables us to gather high quality local data  and implement projects cost effectively. It also gives us access to local business networks & intel.

It’s no accident that we’re based in South Africa, home to thousands of farmers and processors of different sizes who work under African climatic conditions.  Together with research institutes, universities and professionals they provide us with a wealth of experience right on our doorstep. 

South Africa is both a distributor of equipment and high quality inputs from around the world and a manufacturer of hardy and affordable equipment.  


We have experience with most common agricultural crops and products, while our flexible skills and experience allow us to rapidly master new sectors and add real value.

(Sub) Tropical Fruits

Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Avocado, Papaya, Grenadilla, Citrus, Coconut, Kiwi Fruit


Maize, Rice, Sorghum, Millet, Wheat


Vegetables, Spices, Potatoes, Cassava, Yams


Dairy, Meat, Chicken & Eggs

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Cotton & Textiles


Timber, Paper, Carbon Credits, Non-timber forest products

Oil seeds & Legumes

 Soybean, Peanuts, Sesame, Sunflower, CowPea

Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

Our Clients

We’re proud to have worked hand in hand with the largest global funders and development agencies as well as private businesses.

Services & Specialties

What We Can Do For You

Sense delivers fact based strategies and support. We draw from our business experience in a variety of sectors as well as in the development context. This enables us to deliver solid insights, practical plans & real results time and time again.

Value chain analysis

  • Market studies (retailers, consumers, traders, importers)
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations 

Access to Finance

  • Sector or business economics
  • Building financial cases
  • Investor identification & matching 
  • Investment facilitation

Business coaching & support

  • Strategy development
  • Business plan creation
  • Marketing strategies
  • Implementation support

Development Program Design & Support

  • Country benchmarking
  • Market opportunity studies
  • Program design
  • Program implmentation
  • Program evaluation

Happy Clients

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